Michael Komara, ChFC



Money and finances were introduced to Michael at a young age due to his father’s entrepreneurial ambitions. The family’s business ventures included gas stations, bars, restaurants, and an upscale convenience store.

Working regularly at the family businesses also introduced Michael to lessons in human behavior. It taught him to first understand another’s point of view before trying to be understood and to find humor in situations, among other lessons.

This background provided a foundation for Michael to support individuals and families in gaining clarity and direction for their financial futures, which he has been doing for more than 30 years.

Michael earned a bachelor’s from Central Michigan University. He also earned a Chartered Financial Consultant designation from The American College of Financial Services, which demonstrates his expertise in advanced financial planning for people with a variety of financial needs.

Michael Komara, ChFC, Founder

Man Focused on 'Life in the Balance'

Michael grew up in St. Clair Shores, MI. It was easy for him to fall in love with sports from an early age due to the family home’s proximity to a local school, which gave him immediate access to basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and football fields.

He received a basketball scholarship to attend a local junior college. The opportunity allowed him to start his college studies, play ball, and stay close to home to support his family’s businesses.

Eventually he transferred to Central Michigan University, where he met his wife.

Michael’s faith is a pillar of his life. In addition to attending Dallas Theological Seminary, he spent five years in ministry.

As a naturally perceptive person, Michael put words to a life of observations about business and happiness when he published a book, “Life in the Balance: 7 Strategies For Making Life Work.” It explores seven key areas: family, friends, fitness, fun, finances, the firm, and faith.

Michael Komara and his wife on a beach