Meet the Industry-Leading Strategic Partners That Allow Us to Serve You

Clients choose Komara Capital Partners Advisors because they want to simplify their financial life and focus on what’s important to them. We take that responsibility seriously. It’s why we continually evaluate our strategic partnerships to ensure we’re offering clients industry-leading solutions that can help them reach their desired financial futures.

The Komara Capital Partners team selects and reviews partners using the same principles our clients expect from us:

  • We have mutually aligned interests
  • Partnership is demonstrated as real service, not lip service
  • Solutions are selected because they are optimal, not just whatever is readily available or easiest to implement
  • Service offering is robust

Schwab, Custodian

The financial institution that holds our clients’ securities for safekeeping to prevent them from being lost or stolen

A market leader that has been serving firms like ours for more than 30 years

Schwab logo

Orion, Tech Platform

The wealthtech powerhouse that provides our clients with secure anytime, anywhere online access to a fully personalized financial management portal – clients have access to a dashboard that allows them to see statements, download tax documents, find projections, view portfolio holdings, and store personal documents with a single login

A leader in providing transformative, user-friendly wealth management technology solutions to firms like ours and clients like you

Orion logo

eMoney, Personalized Financial Planning Platform

A comprehensive wealth management and financial planning platform that gives clients a complete view of their financial situation – this helps us have productive conversations about the road ahead, future goals, financial dreams, and the big picture

A leading provider of tech solutions that help clients and their financial advisors collaborate around managing the client’s financial life, making informed decisions, and tracking progress toward goals

eMoney logo

AdvicePay, Fee-for-Service Payment Facilitator

A platform that allows us to efficiently, compliantly, and securely manage billing and payments for clients who use our fee-for-service financial planning offering

An industry-leading solution that has facilitated more than 1 million fee-for-service financial planning transactions

AdvicePay Logo

Blueprint Financial Advisors, Registered Investment Advisor Platform

The wealth management firm that manages our day-to-day operational needs, thereby empowering our team to spend more time on what matters most: serving you, our clients

A boutique wealth management firm that’s focused on building strong partnerships with authentic people, like the team at Komara Capital Partners – because they believe its legacy depends on relationships and reputation

Blueprint Financial Advisors logo

Blueprint Investment Partners, Institutional Investment Manager

An affiliated manager of our clients’ investment account

A pioneer in the creation of systematic and transparent investment strategies that are globally diversified, are optimized for behavioral finance, adjust dynamically to market changes, focus on downside protection, and provide ongoing tax-loss harvesting

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